Double Diploma with University of Haifa – International Relations

In this dual degree program, students will spend two semesters of study at each institution, including a written thesis. Students will cover a curriculum at the University of Haifa that has been crafted to elucidate the key role of diplomacy in addressing the broad cluster of issues that affect the Mediterranean and Middle East regions, and which can no longer be effectively dealt with exclusively from a narrow unilateral or bilateral vantage point.

The focus on the role of collaborative diplomatic mechanisms is designed to provide students with new insights, concepts and analytical tools for fully understanding the enhanced functions of diplomacy in an international setting. The program is thus intended to enable students to identify effective solutions for a broad range of political, cultural and economic issues with which they will be faced in the field. Students will also benefit from a broad curriculum at the University of Warsaw. More information can be found here.

Our academic year begins in October. We will begin accepting applications in December.

The early application deadline is March 15th, and applying by this deadline will guarantee you on-campus housing and make you eligible for scholarship/aid if you decide to apply (more info here)

More information about the program: Click!

For more detailed program information such as admissions requirements, tuition and fees, scholarships, and application process you may contact:

At the University of Haifa:

Admissions Office at

Program coordinator Asya Kan at (for questions related to curriculum, schedule, and other academic matters)

At the University of Warsaw:

Program coordinator Barbara Kratiuk at or phone +48 22 553 16 37.

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