December 16, 2022

Ukrainian Day on WNPiSM UW

On 12th of December 2022 on our Faculty we held an Ukrainian Day. The event was divided into three sections, all of them were attended by students
December 9, 2022

WNPiSM students in Sejm RP, City Coucil and Warsaw Stock Exchange

A group of students from Indonesia who are studying at our Faculty during Indonesian government programme IISMA (Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards) slowly ends their studies at
December 8, 2022

Unique seminar with professors from Ukraine

We kindly invite you to take part in a seminar co-organised with Ukrainian professors titled Russian Aggression against Ukraine: Implications for Ukraine and Central Europe. The
December 5, 2022

Official opening of WNPiSM Student’s Club

On 2nd December 2022 we finally opened WNPiSM Student’s Club! The ceremony were held in a localization of a Club – Nowy Świat 67 Street, on