Lackoroński Bogusław dr

Lackoroński Bogusław

dr hab. Bogusław Lackoroński – Ph.D. in law (2011), legal counsel (2011), habilitation in civil law (2020). He works as an assistant professor at the Chair of Civil Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. He also collaborates with the Chair of Regional and Global Studies at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw. In 2014-2017, he served as an expert on legislation at the Bureau of Research at the Chancellery of the Sejm. He has written several dozen scientific papers and articles on civil law (general part, property law, and law of obligations), as well as on public law. His civil law publications concern responsibility for consequential damage, the rebus sic stantibus clause, liabilities expressed in foreign currencies, and construction work agreements. He co-authored the commentary for the Civil Code, edited by Konrad Osajda (electronic edition at Legalis, printed at C.H. Beck, 2013 & 2017), as well as the commentary for the Act on payment of certain unsatisfied claims of businesses arising out of performance of public procurement contracts (Wolters Kluwer – Lex 2012, electronic edition; C.H. Beck – 2013, printed edition). Furthermore, he authored the commentary for the Act of 21 June 1990 on the return
of benefits gained unjustly to the disadvantage of the state treasury or other state legal persons (C.H. Beck – Legalis 2018, ed. K. Osajda). He also wrote two monographies: “Odpowiedzialność cywilna za pośrednie naruszenia dóbr,” Warszawa 2013, and “Skutki czynności prawnych w czasie,” Warszawa 2019. In 2012-2019, he gave lectures and delivered papers in such cities as Chengdu, Kolkata, Manipal, Mumbai, Mysore, and New Delhi.

Research interests

Civil law, public international law, commercial international law, international investment law.


Department of Regional and Global Studies

Recent publications:

B. Lackoroński, Skutki czynności prawnych w czasie, Warszawa, 2019.

B. Lackoroński, Retroaktywna zmiana statutu spółki akcyjnej, “Monitor Prawniczy”, 2018 nr 19, s. 1050-1054.

B. Lackoroński, Określenie sumy w zastrzeżeniu kary umownej, “Monitor Prawniczy”, 2018 nr 23, s. 1273-1275.