Osiński Joachim prof. dr hab.

Osiński Joachim

prof. em. dr hab. Joachim Osiński – titular professor of social sciences, political scientist, economist and specialist in public policy sciences, graduate of the Institute of Political Sciences of the University of Warsaw in 1974, research and didactic worker at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies of the University of Warsaw since 2019. Previously associated with the Warsaw School of Economics for over 40 years, where he performed important organizational functions, among other, of vice-rector for science and management (2005-2008), dean of the Economic and Social Collegium (1999-2005 and 2008-2016), head of the Department of Public Administration (1999-2016). President of the Board of the Central Research and Development Centre for Research and Teaching Apparatus COBRABiD sp. z o.o. State-owned enterprise (2017-2019). Member of the Program Council of the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Bratislava in 2000-2006, member of the Scientific Council of Academia Rerum Civilium Vysoká škola politických a společenských věd in Kolin and Kutná Hora, Czech Republic since 2008, author of expert opinions for the Senate of the Republic of Poland, government agencies, ministries in the period of preparations for Poland’s membership in the EU. Co-founder and popularizer of public policy sciences, founder and editor-in-chief of the first scientific periodical in Poland, Studia z Polityki Publicznej /Public Policy Studies (2013-2017), member of the program councils of scientific periodicals, among others, “Medzinárodné Vzt`ahy” – University of Economics in Bratislava (2002-2014), “MAZOWSZE Regional Studies,” ISSN 1689-4774 since 2008, „Studia i Prace” “Quarterly of the Economic and Social College,” ISSN 2082-0976 (2010-2016).

Research interests

Political systems expert specializing in issues of contemporary states and political institutions, especially public administration and contemporary constitutionalism. A specialist in the field of the Scandinavian region in the political and legal, economic and cultural aspects, recognized in Poland and abroad. He undertakes research combining knowledge from various scientific disciplines of an interdisciplinary nature. Initiator and participant of many national and international research projects concerning, inter alia, institutions of the president in modern countries (1998-1999 and 2008-2009), the global economic crisis of 2007+, public administration in democratic countries in the 21st century and problems of local government and public finances, as well as constitutional comparative studies.


Department of Political Systems

Recent publications:

J. Osiński, Teoretyczne i praktyczne uwarunkowania planowania polityki publicznej przez organy administracji publicznej, [w:] Administracja publiczna w procesie planowania polityki publicznej, (red.) B. Pytlik, Warszawa, 2019, s. 15-63.

J. Osiński, I. Zawiślińska, Samorząd lokalny w państwach nordyckich oraz realizacja praw i wolności obywatelskich, [w:] Administracja publiczna i prawa człowieka. Ujęcie systemowe i międzynarodowe, (red.) I. Zawiślińska,  Warszawa, 2019, s. 105-142.

J. Osiński, New Public Governance a prawo do dobrej administracji, [w:] Prawo do dobrej administracji w wymiarze krajowym i europejskim, (red.) A. Gołębiowska, P. B. Zientarski, Warszawa, 2019, s. 81-111.