Students’ Unions

International Students’ Union

The main aim is to represent each students’ opinions and ideas. We make sure you are informed and that you are being heard. We are problem solvers, mentors, and – above all – peers.
In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, all students make up the students’ union. By the regulations of the Students’ Union, the executive body is the Executive Board of the Student Union at WNPISM UW, elected each year, between October and November.
The main competencies of the Executive Board of the Student Union include:

  • Protecting students’ rights;
  • Expressing the opinion of the academic community,
  • Making co-decisions with the authorities of the Faculty concerning social issues – in particular issues of material assistance as well as awards for academic performance [through a representative in the Scholarship Committee];
  • Expressing opinions and approving projects and decisions made by the authorities of the Faculty and Institute, including approval of class schedules, study cycles, and programs, schedules of exam sessions, amount of fees paid by the students, lists of those qualified for scholarships;
  • Cultural, sports, and integration initiatives are done by the students, primarily: trips, events, tournaments, workshops, and festivals;
  • Appointing year delegates

The Act on Higher Education gives broad powers to Students’ Unions. As your representatives, we want to fulfill as many of your demands and our tasks as we can. Regardless of the number of organized events, trips and competitions, our ultimate goal is to represent the interests of the academic community and defend the rights of the students. If you think your rights have been violated or you noticed some irregularities – please contact us. Together, acting on the basis of the mandate entrusted to us, we are able to do more.

The Students’ Union of WNPISM UW Representatives of the English Section are:

Head of the International Students’ Union WNPiSM – Dżulieta Harutjunjan (

Vice-Head of the International Students’ Union WNPiSM –Bohdana Kladova (

Supervisor of the first-year International Students’ Union WNPiSM –Alicja Sicko (




Office hours:

Monday – 4:30 – 6:00 PM (in person)
Thursday – 3:30 – 6:00 PM (on-line)

[Polish] Students’ Union of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

The WNPISM Students’ Union is a student body involved in matters related to the education process and in the social life of the Faculty. It has a goal of creating conditions for gaining the best possible student experience. The tasks of the union include representing students before the Faculty authorities, as well as organizing events such as the Noble Match, Gardenalia, or the Faculty’s Christmas Eve. In addition, the Union participates in planning trips and integration events as well as organizing conferences and scientific debates – all so that the time spent at our Faculty is exceptional, and that graduates recall their studies here with a smile on their face. The union is made up of students of the Faculty, who have a common goal – the good of the community of students of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies.



Didactic Council: 

NameField of study
Giuseppe AdamoGraduate Programme in International Relations
Marta JaskierskaPolitologia
Dawid KosmalBezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne
Aleksandra KupińskaOrganizowanie rynku pracy
Karolina MolskaEuropean Politics and Economics
Bartłomiej MyszórStosunki międzynarodowe
Kamila SawickaStudia euroazjatyckie
Agata StankowskaPolityka społeczna
Maria WielgoszUndergraduate Programme in International Relations
Martyna ZaniukEuropeistyka

Faculty’s Council: 

NameField of study
Weronika FrąckiewiczEuropeistyka
Michał GwardyńskiPolitologia
Aleksandra MackiewiczPolitologia
Alicja MalinowskaPolityka społeczna
Robert PątkowskiBezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne
Justyna SmoleńStosunki międzynarodowe
Małgorzata SteczkowskaStosunki międzynarodowe
Mateusz WareszczakBezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne

Students’ Council: 

NameField of studyE-mail adress
Małgorzata Steczkowska – presidentStosunki mię
Alicja Malinowska – vice-presidentPolityka społ
Adam August Michalik –
Aida Al-DahabiPolityka społ
Michał Gwardyń
Robert PątkowskiBezpieczeństwo wewnę
Justyna SmoleńStosunki mię
Magdalena TomaszewskaStosunki mię

Students’ Parliament of the University of Warsaw: 

NameField of study
Aida Al-DahabiPolityka społeczna
Mateusz BarańskiBezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne
Adam August MichalikPolitologia
Agata StankowskaPolityka społeczna