Political Science Alumni Association, University of Warsaw


Political Science Alumni Association

There is the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, and before that was the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, both of which have thousands of graduates, and since April 19th 2018 there has been the University of Warsaw Political Science Alumni Association (SANP). We have decided that it is high time to do something good for us, the political scientists of the old and present, and for our Faculty that we still hold dear. After the successful 50th anniversary celebrations, especially after the joyous Graduate Ball in December 2017, we have decided to register the Association, the goal of which will be i.a. facilitating networking, organising meetings and panels, and mutual support whenever necessary.

Contact      sanp@uw.edu.pl 

The Association is apolitical and open to all graduates. According to the Charter, the Association’s mission is:

  1. Integrating the community of the Faculty’s alumni, and reinforcing comradely and professional solidarity between Association Members.
  2. Educating and propagating political science as an academic discipline and an attractive field of study.
  3. Upholding the Faculty’s graduates’ good name.
  4. Cultivating the Faculty’s traditions and values.
  5. Supporting professional development of the Association Members.
  6. Supporting the Faculty alumni, including mutual help in private and professional life.
  7. Promoting the Faculty.
  8. Cooperating with both national and foreign political science centres.
  9. Cooperating with the Polish Political Science Association and other scientific societies, and similar associations.
  10. Cooperating with mass media.
  11. Maintaining the positive image of the Faculty in opinion-forming groups.
  12. Disseminating knowledge on political science.
  13. Promoting political science culture.
  14. Organising attractive forms of the Faculty’s graduates’ social life.
  15. Integrating the alumni community, including organising the club, publications, and meetings.
  16. Nurturing ties with the Faculty.


SANP Bank Account

BNP Paribas Bank Polska:

59 1750 0012 0000 0000 4089 4338

Association Authorities

Jan Garlicki – President

Sara Burchert – Vice President

Norbert Potocki – Treasurer

Jerzy Papuga

Daniel Przastek

The aforementioned mission will be accomplished through:

1) Organising periodic meetings of the Association Members.

2) Supporting cultural, leisure and social activities, including organising interest groups, meetings with outstanding personages – including those who are outside the alumni community.

3) Propagating standards which should characterize graduates’ professional and moral demeanour.

4) Organising meetings with the Faculty alumni, including those who are being statesmen, current students or academic staff of the Faculty.

5) Publication of catalogue of alumni and other information on graduates and the Faculty in any form, including electronic.

6) Issuing public statements on matters important to the Faculty alumni.

7) Protecting Association Member’s interests, including justifiable material help.

8) Funding scholarships.

9) Conducting business activities supporting reaching the statutory objectives of the Association.

10) Other activities supporting the accomplishment of the statutory objectives of the Association.