Diploma thesis defence exams


Below you will find a description of what you should do to properly archive your thesis before defending it.  You will also find here other information and documents related to the defense of theses.

Employees of the Student Affairs Section enter to the USOS the necessary information on the student’s account, among others: theses topics, thesis unit code, thesis field code, thesis topic approval date (date of the Scientific Council meeting), name of the thesis adviser, reviewer, type of diploma, study curriculum, faculty code, Erasmus code, seminar under which the thesis is created and sets the appropriate thesis status A in APD.

The student submits in the Student Affairs Section the final version of the diploma thesis in paper form signed by the thesis adviser along with a set of required documents for defense previously uploaded to the APD (see: “The current requirements to be met by the diploma thesis” available on the Faculty’s website) – no later than two weeks before the planned date of the diploma exam.

The adviser provides the employee of the Student Affairs Section with the “application/information on the composition of the Exam Board” with the proposed composition of the Exam Board, date and place of defense (Appendix no. 3) within no later than two weeks before the planned date of the diploma exam.

The Student Affairs Section enters to USOS: the date of submission of the diploma thesis, the average of grades from the USOS system, supplements the composition of the Exam Board (name of the reviewer and chairperson) and calculates fees for the diploma.

The student enters into APD (https://apd.uw.edu.pl – login + password from usos) thesis abstract, keywords, title in English, then uploads the file with the thesis in PDF format to APD – no later than two weeks before the planned date of the diploma exam.

The adviser checks the thesis using JSA and approves the anti-plagiarism report, then approves the thesis.

The adviser and reviewer enter a review of the thesis in the APD and approve it – no later than 3 days before the planned defense day. Lack of reviews in the APD until the indicated date shall result in the suspension of the diploma exam until the review is completed and a new defense date is set.

An employee of the Student Affairs Section prints the required defense documents and two reviews of the thesis. Those reviews are signed by the adviser and reviewer on the day of the diploma exam (during the defense). Then the prepared defense files are transferred to the place/department previously indicated by the Adviser. Administrative employee of the department in which the defense occurred returns the student files after the defense to the Student Affairs Section immediately on the same day after the defense or on the next day (after checking whether the signatures of the Board Members are on the report and record).

The condition of timely defense is meeting all formal requirements, among others: entering grades in USOS, correct archiving of the diploma thesis, submission of required documents and settlement of receivables in USOS.

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