Outgoing students – Programme Erasmus+

ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIPS 2020/2021 – Recruitment for ERASMUS + programme!
Dear Students,
let us kindly remind you recruitment  for studies abroad in the frame of Erasmus programme is just going on.
Please find all necessary information enclosed.
Deadline: 20th January – 7th February
Place where applications need to be delivered: on Coordinator office hours or  Information Point (Entrance B, Faculty  Building)

  General Rules 2020/2021 (Published on 13th January, 2020)

  Detailed schedule 2020/2021 (Published on 13th January, 2020)

  Required Documents 2020-2021 (Published on 13th January, 2020)

   Destinations / partner universities (Published on 13th January, 2020)

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If you have any further questions regarding your exchange studies at the Faculty, please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator.