Department of Information Technology


Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology is an organizational unit of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, established in 2021. It focuses on interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the field of information technologies, economics, management, media and Big Data. The subject of Big Data research are economic, social and political phenomena. Examples of conducted analyses: prediction of the results of presidential and parliamentary elections (2015), comparative analysis of official speeches by politicians (Barack Obama and Donald Trump), study of the impact of sentiment on the exchange rates of currencies and listed companies – correlation with official quotations. The employees of the department are co-founders and organizers of new fields of study – Media Logistics and the award-winning competition regarding Big Data Management – POWER.

Research areas:

  • IT security
  • refining information, developing research applications to collect data for refining
  • processing Big Data as a valuable source of secondary information, analysis of data sets
  • the use of large data resources in social analytics
  • text mining, R programming, data visualization methods
  • machine learning, natural language processing, Bayesian statistics, optimization theory, geometry
  • operating systems, Network Services
  • relational and non-relational databases, SQL
  • websites, Internet communication tools, new media
  • traditional and digital marketing, Internet marketing
  • IT systems for publishing and printing industry
  • IT systems for management
  • innovations, modern organization, business models, VUCA, Human-Centered design, people management in digital and post-pandemic transformation
  • analysis and design of new systems (UML)
  • business process modelling (BPMN)
Institutional cooperation:

The team of the department is involved in the activities of associations and institutions dealing with information technologies, cybersecurity and management of large data resources.

International cooperation:

  1. Cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, School of Information and Software Engineering – this cooperation resulted in the organization of the ACADEMY OF BIG DATA INCUBATOR summer school for students from China, Warsaw, July 2019.
    2. Cooperation with Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University – organization of joint scientific conferences.

Prizes and awards

In 2020, an employee of the department, PhD, Eng. Dariusz Jaruga was awarded the Prime Minister’s award for doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations as well as research and implementation activities – the title of the awarded doctoral dissertation: “Network communication. Big Data information sources”, award for “the idea and implementation of the project JAZON.”

Research grants carried out:

  • Identification, Collection and Assessment of Hostile Disinformation Operations in Cyberspace Based on ICT Tools (IKONA), Cybersecident/489281/IV/NCBR/2021 – CRI-UW Consortium – value PLN 6.6 million.
  • Development of a solution for extracting and analysing information from R&D&I BigData sources, grant/project number 2/17/PN – value approx. PLN 1.4 million.
  • Development of a solution for monitoring technological trends, [Polish] National Centre for Research and Development grant/project number 26/18/PN – value PLN 600 thousand.


Head of the Department:
prof. Stanisław Sulowski

prof. Wiesław Cetera
Dariusz Jaruga, PhD, Eng.
Paweł Kuczma, PhD
Wioletta Matosek, PhD
Bartłomiej Moszoro, PhD, Eng.
Piotr Potejko, Ph.D.
Piotr Celiński, M. Eng.
Tomasz Kurpik-Pawlicki, M. Eng.


67 Nowy Świat Street, R. No 2.
P: 22 55 22 988

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