Jaskólska Aleksandra

dr Aleksandra Jaskólska – Ph.D., assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw. Since 2010, she has been involved in the activities of the Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies. She has taken part in projects financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Centres for Research on Poland and Central Europe at Asian universities) and by the European Union (Erasmus Mundus, Horizon 2020, Strategic Partnership). She has been responsible for coordinating bilateral partnerships with selected Asian countries. She has also been a fellow of Erasmus Mundus at the National University of Laos, the University of Teheran, and the University of Business and Technology Kosovo. In 2010-2019, she delivered papers in such places as Hong Kong, Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune, Oxford, Baltimore, Daegu, and Durrës.

Research interests

India’s foreign policy, political systems in countries of South Asia, regional parties in India, cultural diversity in the countries of South Asia, demographic challenges faced by South Asia.


Department of Regional and Global Studies

Recent publications:

A. Jaskólska, Party Politics and its Influence over Foreign Policymaking in India (w:) J. Dragsbæk Schmidt, S. Chakrabarti (red.), The Interface of Domestic and International Factors in India’s Foreign Policy, London, New York, Routledge 2021.

A. Jaskólska, Liberalna teoria polityki zagranicznej – studium przypadku partii regionalnych w Indiach, „Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations”, 2018 nr 4, s. 145-168.

A. Jaskólska, Sekularyzm versus hinduski nacjonalizm w systemie politycznym Indii, [w:] Tendencje i procesy rozwojowe współczesnych stosunków międzynarodowych, (red.) M. F. Gawrycki, M. E. Haliżak, R. Kuźniar, G. Michałowska, D. Popławski, J. Zajączkowski, R. Zięba, Warszawa, 2016, s. 569-583.