Mincewicz Wojciech

Mgr Wojciech Mincewicz – M.A., political scientist, sociologist. Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology of Politics and Political Marketing. He graduated with honours from the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw, with a specialisation in political infobrokering (2018) and from the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Social Reintegration – specialisation in non-governmental organisations, intersectoral cooperation (2019). Manager and contractor of the project Political attitudes of cryptocurrency users in Poland (2019/35/N/HS5/02222) funded by the National Science Centre (2020-2023). Lecturer at the Open University of the University of Warsaw. Provides commercial training in information security and analysis. Author of several dozen scientific publications on the sociology of the Internet, infobrokering and political participation. He has presented papers at international and national congresses, conferences and scientific seminars. Certified personal trainer

Research interests: cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, political infobrokering, open source intelligence, social informatics, cyber security, sociology of politics, NGOs.


Department of Political Sociology and Political Marketing

Recent publications:

W. Mincewicz, Blockchain technology and national security-the ability to implement a blockchain in the area of national security, „De Securitate et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności”, 6(2), 2020, s. 114-129.

W. Mincewicz, Wysłuchanie publiczne w Polsce jako instytucja partycypacji politycznej, [w:] Partycypacja Polityczna, (red.) M. Marczewska-Rytko, D. Maj, Lublin 2020, s. 429-446.

W. Mincewicz, Metadane – cichy zabójca prywatności, „Studia Politologiczne” vol 54, 2019, s. 230-257.