Sledź Piotr


dr Piotr Śledź – Ph.D. in security studies (2021). Research and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw (since 2021). Master’s Degree in international relations from the Insitute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw (2015). Research and technical assistant in the restructuring programme at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies of the University of Warsaw (2018-19; based on a decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education No. 223336/E-343/R/2018). Contractor in the grant “Wars of Russia: causes, conditions, course and consequences of military operations of the Russian Federation in the post-Cold War period” (No. 2020/39 / B / HS5 / 00782).

Research interests:

International security in the political and military dimension, especially:

– European security (the collective security institutions, the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, security policies of European states),
– armaments, defense industry, arms trade, arms control and disarmament, international armaments cooperation, nuclear weapons,
– security challenges related with emerging technologies (the civilian and military ones),
– security issues in international relations theory.


Department of Strategic Studies and International Security

Recent publications:

P. Śledź, Europejska współpraca zbrojeniowa, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar, Warsaw 2021
P. Śledź, The EU Global Strategy – 5 Years After. The Appropriateness in Face of the Dynamic Strategic Realities [in:] “Przegląd Strategiczny” 14/2021
P. Śledź, The fog of falsehoods: Chinese and Russian anti-Western Covid-19 disinformation [in:] „Rocznik Strategiczny 2020/21” (in Polish).