Bejma Agnieszka dr

Bejma Agnieszka

dr Agnieszka Bejma – Doctor of Political Science (2012, with honours), Assistant Professor [Adiunkt]. Dean’s representative for the student research movement. Since 2016, member of the Board of Research Committee No.  34 “Quality of Democracy”, and since 2018, also of the Board of Research Committee No.  13 “Democracy in Comparative Perspective” of the International Political Science Assosiation (IPSA) and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). Since 2015, member of the Polish Political Science Association, and since 2018, secretary of the Warsaw Branch of the Polish Political Science Association. Author of publications on the third sector and various aspects of voluntary activism. In the years 2011-2019, she delivered lectures at national and international scientific conferences, including:  Bańska Bystrzyca, Brisbane, Bucharest, Lecce, Milan, Urbino and Turin.

Research interests

Sociology and psychology of politics, civic activity, political participation, formation of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe, functioning of non-governmental organisations in Central and Eastern Europe, human trafficking and observance of human rights.


Department of Political Theory and Political Thought

Recent publications:

A. Bejma, Changes in civic sector after 2015 elections, [w:] „Civil Szemle” [w druku].

A. Bejma, Partycypacja kobiet w sferze społecznej. Ruch kobiecy i zaangażowanie w działalność organizacji pozarządowych, [w:] Kobiety w polityce. Studia i rozprawy, (red.) J. G. Otto, Warszawa, 2019, s. 140-156.

A. Bejma, Organizacje pozarządowe jako podmioty zarządzania publicznego, [w:] Nowe idee zarządzania publicznego. Wyzwania i dylematy, (red.) E. M. Marciniak, J. Szczupaczyński, Warszawa, 2017, s. 211-230.