Budziszewska Anita

mgr Anita Budziszewska – Graduate of the European Academy of Diplomacy; Institute of International Relations of the University of Warsaw, Postgraduate Studies in International Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw; Strategic Research Studies, Warsaw School of Economics. In 2009 scholarship at the University of Nottingham. Member of the Polish mission to the United Nations during the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (43 session of UN HRC).

External expert of the Polish diaspora project – Poland360 organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Republic of Poland  and the Kresy RP Foundation. Since 2012, a member of the network of coordinators of international cooperation from European universities. In 2011-2020, the coordinator for mobility, exchange and international cooperation at ISM UW and at WNPiSM UW; in 2016-2020: Representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies for international cooperation under the Erasmus + program (EU); member of the Organizing Committee of the first in Poland, 8th Pan-European Congress of International Relations, co-organized with the European International Studies Association. Participant of scientific and professional internship at the Polish Representation to the United Nations in Geneva; study and training visits at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the University of Oxford. Author of  international guest lectures and speeches abroad at universities in Austria, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary. Collaborates didactically (teaching) with the University of Zurich and the University of Geneva.

Research interests

Culture in international relations, activities of international organizations in the sphere of culture, cultural policy of the Council of Europe, cultural human rights


Department of Diplomacy and International Institutions

Recent publications:

A.Budziszewska, From Culturalisation of Human Rights to the Right to Culture, “Human Rights: Actuality and new perspectives”, Boletim do Nucleo Cultural Da Horta, No. 24 of 2015. (published in English in Portugal).

H. Schreiber, A.Budziszewska, W stronę prawa do kultury, w: E. Mikos – Skuza, K. Sałaciński (red.), Ochrona dziedzictwa kultury w czasie konfliktów zbrojnych, 60-lecie konwencji haskiej i 15-lecie II protokołu, WCEO, Warszawa, 2014 (published in Polish)

A. Bógdał-Brzezińska, A. Budziszewska, National and European Identity in the Context of polish European Union presidency. Constructivism-based approach, „Economic and Political Thought”, nr 4 (35) 2011 (published in Polish and English).