Curanović Alicja dr hab.

Curanović Alicja

dr hab. Alicja Curanović – Habilitated doctor in Political Sciences (2019), research and didactic worker at the Department of Political Sciences and International Studies of the University of Warsaw. Head of the research project The Concept of Mission in the Foreign Policy the Russian Federation and of the USA awarded by the Aurora Consortium, the Erasmus Mundus programme (2014) and the project Mission in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation funded by the NCN grant (since 2015). Scholarship holder of the Polish Science Foundation (START edition 2011 and 2012), Kościuszko Foundation (research at Stanford University, 2013), Polish-American Fulbright Commission (Senior Award realized at Harvard University, 2018). Laureate of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Scholarship for Young Outstanding Scientists (2014-2017). In the years 2009-2019 she gave lectures, among others in Moscow, Perm, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Uppsala, Helsinki, Tartu, Berlin, Zurich, Prague, Tbilisi, Bologna.

Research interests:

The importance of identity, status and perception for the international activity of states, ontological security, messianism and the religious factor in foreign policy, Russia’s foreign policy, international relations in the Post-Soviet area and in Central Europe.


Department of Eastern Studies

Recent publications:

A. Curanović, Przeznaczeni do wielkości! Misja w polityce zagranicznej. Przypadek Rosji, Warszawa, 2020.

A. Curanović, Russia’s contemporary exceptionalism and geopolitical conservatism, [w:] Contemporary Russian Conservatism: Problems, Paradoxes and Perspectives, (red.) D. Uzlaner, M. Suslov, Leiden-Boston, 2019, s. 207-233.

A. Curanović, Russia’s Mission in the World: the Perspective of the Russian Orthodox Church, “Problems of Post-Communism”, 2019 vol. 66, s. 253-267.

A. Curanović, Conventional Wisdom and Contemporary Russian Messianism. A Critical Verification, “MGIMO Review of International Relations”, vol. 64, 2019 nr 1, s. 28-44.