Jarczewska Aleksandra dr

Jarczewska Aleksandra


dr Aleksandra Jarczewska – Ph.D., scholar at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw. Since 2016, she has served as Co-President of PEACER (Polish and European Academic Center for Exchange and Research) under the Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. She is also a mediator, consultant and trainer in personal data protection. She has co-authored various projects implemented together with non-governmental organisations that support and promote women. She has graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, and the American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw, and has also been a Fulbright fellow.

Research interests

US economy and politics, transatlantic relations, problems of operations of international companies, and the functioning of the global economy. Additionally, her interests and research subjects include the role of women in international relations.


Department of Regional and Global Studies

Recent publications:

A. Jarczewska, Stany Zjednoczone – dokąd zmierza Ameryka pod przywództwem Donalda Trumpa? (The United States: Where is America Heading under Donald Trump’s Leadership?), “Rocznik Strategiczny 2018/2019”, 2019 nr 24, s. 209-230.

A. Jarczewska, Stany Zjednoczone – America First według Donalda Trumpa, (The United States: Donald Trump’s – America First), “Rocznik Strategiczny 2017/2018”, 2018 nr 23, s. 182-201.

A. Jarczewska, Culture and the economy, [w:] Culture(s) in International Relations, (red.) G. Michałowska, H. Schreiber, Frankfurt am Mein, 2017, s. 105-129.