Kupiecki Robert prof. ucz. dr hab.

Kupiecki Robert

dr hab. Robert Kupiecki, prof. ucz. – Master of History (1991), Ph.D. in Political Sciences (1998), habilitation (2011), professor at the National Defence University of Warsaw (2013–2016), professor at the University of Warsaw, researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw. Professional diplomat in the Foreign Service of the Republic of Poland since 1993, currently with the rank of a Titular Ambassador. Deputy Ambassador to NATO (1999–2004), Director of the Department of Security Policy (2004–2008), Polish Ambassador to Washington (2004–2008), Deputy Minister of Defence (2008–2015). Member of the editorial board of “Sprawy Międzynarodowe” (International Affairs) quarterly (since 1997) and content editor for its security section; one of the co-authors of “Rocznik Strategiczny” (Strategic Yearbook), former member of the scientific boards for the following quarterly magazines: “Security and Defence Quarterly” and “Kwartalnik Historyczno-Wojskowy” (Historical and Military Quarterly) and one of the editors of “Wiadomości Historyczne” (Historical News) monthly magazine. Participant in national and international scientific projects and numerous scientific conferences. Guest lecturer at foreign universities, including in the USA, Canada, France, UK, Romania, Turkey, China, Mongolia and Algeria. Visiting Professor (2020) at the Polish Center for Technology Development (PORT) in Wrocław.

Research interests
International security, alliances, military applications of modern technology, transatlantic relations, NATO, European Union, strategy, foreign policy and diplomacy, history of international relations, recent Polish history.


Department of Strategic Studies and International Security

Recent publications:

R. Kupiecki, NATO w polskiej perspektywie 1989-2019, Warszawa, 2019.

R. Kupiecki (red.), Through the Eyes of a Strategist and Diplomat. The Polish – American Relations post-1918, Warszawa, 2019.

R. Kupiecki, Europe Whole and Free. Mission Accomplished or an Unfulfilled Promise?, [w:] Europe Whole and Free. Vision and Reality, (red.) S. Dębski, D. S. Hamilton, Washington, 2019, s. 274-291.