Ławniczak Kamil dr

Ławniczak Kamil

dr Kamil Ławniczak – Ph.D. in political science (2014), assistant professor, principal investigator in the project Socialisation mechanisms in the decision-making process in the Council of the European Union (National Science Centre, 2014–2016), managing editor of Przegląd Europejski, member of the Scientific Committee of Online Journal Modelling the New Europe.

Research interests

Legitimacy of the EU and supranational democracy; Decision-making in the European Union; Theories of European integration and international relations; Methodology of social sciences; Research methods in European studies.


Department of Methodology of Political Science

Recent publications:

K. Ławniczak, The practice turn contribution to socialisation and decision-making research in EU studies, “Online Journal Modelling the New Europe”, 2019 nr 2, s. 4-22.

K. Ławniczak, Socialisation and legitimacy intermediation in the Council of the European Union, “Perspectives on Federalism”, 2018 nr 1, s. 200-218.

K. Ławniczak, Śledzenie procesu w badaniach politologicznych. Warianty i potencjał zastosowania, „Przegląd Politologiczny”, 2018 nr 1, s. 49-61.