Mikucka-Wójtowicz Dominika

Mikucka-Wójtowicz Dominika dr

Mikucka-Wójtowicz Dominika

dr Dominika Mikucka-Wójtowicz – Ph.D. in Political Science (2012), Assistant Professor (10.2015–11.2019), currently research and didactic worker at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw. Leader of the research project “Europeanization of parties and party systems of post-Yugoslav states against the background of Central European countries – similarities, perspectives, challenges,” financed by the National Science Centre (NCN) as part of the FUGA 4 call. Winner of the Czesław Mojsiewicz prize for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of political science for 2012, awarded by the Main Board of the Polish Society of Political Sciences (PTNP). Multiple scholarship holder of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015). Participant of several international projects and research groups: Party Leader Database, Post-Yugoslav Area Laboratory (PROP), EUvox 2014 and Common Voice. In 2015–2017, a member of the Expert Team of the National Science Centre. In recent years, she has given scientific papers, including at conferences organized by the Central European Political Science Society (CEPSA) and the European Political Research Consortium (ECPR).

Research interests

Post-Yugoslav states, democratization processes in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in post-Yugoslav states, political systems and parties and party systems of post-Yugoslav states, Europeanization of parties, political representation of national and ethnic minorities in the countries of the former Yugoslavia.


Department of Political Systems

Recent publications:

D. Mikucka-Wójtowicz, J. Wojnicki, How and Why Have Domestic Parties Learned from Abroad? The Europeanisation of Communist Successor Parties in Selected Post-Yugoslav Countries, “Problems of Post-Communism” 2021, vol. 68, nr 1, s. 27–41.

D. Mikucka-Wójtowicz, The Chameleon Nature of Populist Parties. How Recurring Populism is Luring ‘the People’ of Serbia and Croatia, “Europe-Asia Studies”, 2019 nr 3, s. 450-479.

D. Mikucka-Wójtowicz, The Impact of Europeanization on Internal Party Organizational Dynamics in Selected Post-Yugoslav Countries, “Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies”, 2019 nr 2, s. 121-145.