Mizerska-Wrotkowska Małgorzata

Mizerska-Wrotkowska Małgorzata

Małgorzata Mizerska-Wrotkowska – Ph.D. with habilitation in Social Sciences in the discipline of political science (2020), Ph.D. in political science (2007). An academic at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, Director of graduate studies in European studies (2016-2018), member of the Institute Education Quality Assurance Team (2012-2019). A scholar at the universities in Spain, Sweden and Mexico. A holder of the Scholarship granted by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Young Scholars (2015-2018). The winner of the 1st place in a contest held by the Embassy of Japan for research internship in Japan (2007). Since 2013, a member of the editorial office of Przegląd Europejski [European Review]. In 2007-2019, she gave lectures and taught e.g. at the universities in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia and Cádiz. A co-editor of a publication series published in Spain, in cooperation with the CEU San Pablo University of Madrid.

 Areas of research interest

Foreign policy of Spain; Poland-Spain relations; public international law, diplomatic and consular law


Department of Diplomacy and International Institutions

3 recent publications:

M. Mizerska-Wrotkowska, J.L. Orella Martínez (red.), Poland and Spain – Border Countries of the European Union, Schedas, Madrid 2021 (coming soon).

M. Mizerska-Wrotkowska, Polityka zagraniczna Hiszpanii w latach 1788-1986: od marginalizacji do integracji [Spain’s foreign policy in 1788-1986: from marginalisation to Europeanisation], Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Nauk Politycznych i Studiów Międzynarodowych, Oficyna Wydawnicza Aspra-JR, Warszawa 2019 [the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, Aspra-JR, Warsaw 2019].

M. Mizerska-Wrotkowska, Las secciones bilingües como herramienta importante en la promoción de la lengua y la cultura española en Polonia [Bilingual classes as an important tool for the promotion of the Spanish language and culture in Poland], “Aportes. Revista de Historia Contemporánea” nr 95/2017, año XXXII (n°3), s. 7-45.