Rothert Agnieszka prof. ucz. dr hab.

Rothert Agnieszka


dr hab. Agnieszka Rothert, prof. ucz. – Doctor of Humanities in Political Science (1996), Habilitated Doctor of Humanities in Political Science (2009), Professor at the University of Warsaw, in the years 2011-2019 Head of the Department of European Institutions, Institute of Political Science, in the years 2011-2019 Head of the Inter-Institutional Gender and Politics Laboratory. From 2011 to 2013, Head of the Research Project “Governance in Transnational Space”, National Centre for Science (NCN)- 2011/01/BHS5/03268. Since 2018, Member of the Board of the Scientific Committee “Socio-political Pluralism” of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). Intern of the SIMS programme – “Support for Research Infrastructure Management” – NCBR (Poland), Technische Universität Dresden, Fraunhofer MOEZ & IZI (Germany), IBM (USA).

Research interests

Complex systems, networks, biopolitics, art.


Department of Political Theory and Political Thought

Recent publications:

A.Rothert, Odporność i szok. Polityka r/ewolucji, Warszawa, 2017.

A. Rothert, A tribe called Europe? An „emotional perception of reality, “Przegląd Europejski”, 2017 nr 4(46), s. 118-131.

A. Rothert, Płeć, polityka I neurobiologia, [w:] Kobiety w polityce, (red.) J. Otto, Warszawa, 2018, s. 15-40.