Solarz Anna dr

Solarz Anna


dr Anna M. Solarz –Ph.D. in political science (2004), scholar at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw, until 2019 at the Faculty’s Institute of International Relations. In January-March 2017, she was visiting scholar at Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State University. Since 2010, she has been responsible for co-organising “Sacrum i profranum we współczesnym świecie,” annual Multidisciplinary Conferences of the Institute of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, and of Divine Word Missionaries. She has given lectures at universities in İzmir, Konya, and Haifa, among other places. She had also participated in international meetings and conferences in such places as Columbus, Cluj-Napoca, Budapest, Pécs, and Iași. She is a mother of three children: Marta, Mateusz, and Agnieszka.

Research interests

Religion in international relations, international relations in the Middle East, Israel’s foreign policy, the Holy See in international relations.


Department of Regional and Global Studies

Recent publications:

J. Kulska, A.M. Solarz, Post-Secular Identity? Developing a New Approach to Religion in International Relations and IR StudiesReligions 2021, 12(11), 982

A.M. Solarz, The Impact of Immigration Crisis on Europe’s Cultural Condition: Why are the Poles ‘Apprehensive’ about Muslims?, “The Politics and Religion Journal” 2020, vol 14, no. 2.

A.M.  Solarz, Religion and International Relations in the Middle East as a Challenge for International Relations (IR) Studies, “Religions” 2020, nr 11 (3).