Staniszewski Robert dr

Staniszewski Robert

dr Robert Staniszewski – Doctor of Humanities (2005), Assistant Professor (since 2005) associated with the Institute of Political Science of the CISiSM UW (until 2019), and then with the Department of Sociology and Political Marketing of the CISiSM UW. Member of research teams working, among others, on Problems of ethical values of the public sphere; Sociological and psychological determinants of changes in social consciousness of Poles during the transformation process in the context of legitimization of the transformation and the political system in Poland; Polish politics during systemic transformation; and Methodology of research of the political system, content and procedures in politics. Author of numerous scientific articles, analyses, expert opinions and papers commissioned by ministries, public sector institutions and commercial companies. Speaker and expert, among others, during seminars organized by the European Commission, National Centre for Research and Development, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Economy, Polish Bank Association, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Enterprise Europe Network, Ministry of Regional Development.

Research interests

Sociology of politics, System transformation and ownership transformations in Poland, Methodology of social and marketing research, Economic turnover in Poland, Political marketing, Management marketing, Promotion and advertising in the public and private sector, Media relations, Management and marketing planning, Public opinion.


Department of Political Sociology and Political Marketing

Recent publications:

R. Staniszewski, T. Klementewicz, Stawka większa niż rynek. U źródeł stagnacji kapitalizmu bez granic, “Studia Politologiczne”, 2018 nr 49, s. 278-285.

R. Staniszewski, Etyka zawodowa pracowników sektora bankowego – pomiędzy maksymalizacją zysków a zaufaniem publicznym, [w:] Etyka sfery publicznej, (red.) J. Itrich-Drabarek, Warszawa, 2017, s. 198-224.

R. Staniszewski (recenzja), B. Dobek-Ostrowska, J. Garlicki (red.), Political Communication in the Era of New Technologies, “Studia Politologiczne”, 2015 nr 38, s. 298-303.