Żołędowski Cezary prof. ucz. dr hab.

Żołędowski Cezary

dr hab. Cezary Żołędowski, prof. ucz. – Ph.D. in political science (1988), Ph.D. with habilitation in the humanities in the field of political science (2004), Professor Extraordinary at the University of Warsaw, research and didactic employee of the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies, author of over 100 scientific publications, head of the research project Educational migrations to Poland – socio-economic consequences financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, participant in national and international scientific projects. In the years 2008-2016 the director of the Institute of Social Policy of the University of Warsaw, a long-term member and chairman of the recruitment committee for doctoral studies at the FPSIS. Currently a member of, among others: the Scientific Council of the Center for Migration Research of the University of Warsaw (chairman of the Council in 2012-2016), the Main Board of the Polish Society for Social Policy, the Committee on Labor and Social Policy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Editorial Committee of the quarterly ‘Problemy Polityki Społecznej. Studia I Dyskusje’, the International Program Council of the magazine ‘Społeczeństwo obywatelskie. Badania. Praktyka’. Awards related to scientific and didactic activity – among others: Medal of the 200th Anniversary of the University of Warsaw (2016), Edward Abramowski’s Medal (2018).

Research interests

Theory and practice of ethnic relations; the situation of national minorities in Poland and Polish minorities abroad; multiculturalism and multiculturalism policies in Europe; Poland in foreign migration processes; theoretical aspects of social policy; population and social issues in Poland.


Department of Social Policy

C. Żołędowski, “Pierwsza repatriacja”. Powroty i przyjazdy osiedleńcze do Polski ze Wschodu po I wojnie światowej, “Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny”, 2017 nr 1, s. 63-93.

C. Żołędowski, Uwarunkowania polityki społecznej, [w:] Polityka społeczna. Nowe wydanie, (red.) G. Firlit-Fesnak, M. Męcina, Warszawa, 2018, s. 71-88.

C. Żołędowski, Polish national minorities in post-Jagiellonian space, [w:] The promotion of national minorities by their ‘mother countries’ in Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th and 21st century, (red.) T. H. Malloy, S. Oeter, G. Volkmer, Berlin-Boston, 2019.