Grzebyk Patrycja dr hab.

Grzebyk Patrycja

dr hab. Patrycja Grzebyk, prof. ucz.  – Ph.D. in political science [2010], Habilitation in law [2018], UW Professorship [2020]; Director of the Network on Humanitarian Action at the University of Warsaw. Head of the grant of the Polish National Science Center “Effectiveness of requests for advisory opinions to the International Court of Justice and of advisory opinions as such in international relations” [2021-2025] and of the Justice Institute “Polish impact on the development of international criminal law, including Polish experience in prosecuting international crimes” [2019-2021]. Awarded with Manfred Lachs Award for the best book in international law and with scholarships of the Foundation for Polish Science, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Member of the editorial board of ESIL Reflections; Journal of International Humanitarian Action. Visiting professor at the universities of Cambridge, Bologna, Geneva, Taipei, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Kiev, Zagreb, Beijing. From 2022 member of board The European Society of International Law.

Field of expertise

International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Use of force, International Disaster Response Law, International Responsibility, International Security, United Nations, International Tribunals


Strategic Studies and International Security Department

3 last publications:

P. Grzebyk, Emil Stanisław Rappaport. His Road from Abolition to Prosecution of Nations, in: Frédéric Mégret, Immi Tallgren (ed.), The Dawn of a Discipline. International Criminal Justice and Its Early Exponents, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2020, p. 93-117.

P. Grzebyk (ed.) Responsibility for negation of international crimes, The Institute of Justice Press, Warsaw 2020. 

P. Grzebyk, Authorising Attacks in Response to Terrorist Attacks, in: George Ulrich, Ineta Ziemele (ed.), How International Law Works in Times of Crisis, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2019.