Raś Maciej dr hab.

Raś Maciej

dr hab. Maciej Raś – an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland. He received his Ph.D. (2003) and habilitation (2019), both in political science, from the University of Warsaw. Vice Dean for Students Affairs. The Dean’s Representative on Foreign Ph.D. Candidates (2013-2020). Previously: the Head of the Postgraduate Cultural Marketing Studies at the University of Warsaw (2006-2014); the Head of the National Security Study at the University of Warsaw (2008-2014); the coordinator of cooperation between the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, and universities in Russia. In the years 2003-2019 he lectured at some universities abroad (e.g., in Russia and the PRC) and presented papers, among others, in Baltimore, Bonn, Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg, Kaliningrad, Odessa, St. Petersburg, San Francisco and Sofia.

Research interests

International political relations, international relations in the post-Soviet area, Russia’s foreign and security policy, West-Russia relations, East in Poland’s foreign policy, subnational actors in IR (paradiplomacy).


Department of Eastern Studies

Recent publications:

M. Raś, Aktywność międzynarodowa regionów Federacji Rosyjskiej, Warszawa, 2018.

M. Raś, Foreign and Security Policy in the Party Discourse in Poland: Main Features, “UNISCI Journal / Revista UNISCI”, 2017 nr 43, s. 117-141.

M. Raś, Восток во внешней политике Польши: эволюция значения и смена приоритетов (The East in Poland’s Foreign Policy: Evolution of Its Significance and Changing Priorities), „Вестник СПбГУ. Политология. Международные отношения” (“Vestnik SPbSU. Political Science. International Relations”), 2017 nr 4, s. 363-378.