Zając Justyna

Justyna Zając – Ph.D. in political science (2004), habilitation in political science (2010), full professor of social science (2018). Professor. In 2012-16, she was a member of the Rector’s Commission on Scholarships and Fellowships (University of Warsaw), and the University Library Advisory Board (University of Warsaw). Member of the Commission of the National Security Strategic Review established by the President of the Republic of Poland  (2010-12); chairperson of the Young Scholars’ Council at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland (2011-12); member of the Steering Committee of the Standing Group on International Relations w European Consortium for Political Research (2004-10). She was a recipient of a research grant from the National Science Center for the project on “EU in the Mediterranean: Between Common Policy and Member States’ Interests” (2012-14) and several fellowship and awards from European Union, Ambassade de France en Pologne, Kościuszko Foundation, Galilee College, Polish journal Polityka, and the Foundation for Polish Science. She was a visiting scholar at University of Belgrade, George Washington University, Science Po, and Indiana University. She currently works as European Security Senior Research Fellow and Visiting Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

Research interests

Euro-Atlantic Security, politics and security in the East-Central Europe and in the Mediterranean region, foreign policy of Poland, the European Union, and the USA.


Department of Eastern Studies

Recent publications:

J. Zając, Polish Perception of Security Threats and Challenges of the 21st Century, [w:] France and Poland Facing the Evolution of the Environment, (red.) B. Jankowski. A. Zima, Paris, 2018, s. 17-26.

J. Zając, Die Sicherheit Mitteleuropas aus der Perspektive Polens, [w:] Wegweiser zur Geschichte Baltikum, (red.) B. Lemke, Potsdam, 2018, s. 233-240.

J. Zając, Unia Europejska wobec konfliktu izraelsko-palestyńskiego w latach 2009-2017, “Rocznik Integracji Europejskiej”, 2017 nr 11, s. 249-262.