Lecture: Ethics and International Relations: a Tragic Perspective by prof. Richard Ned Lebow

Joint Seminar: China, India and Strategic Rivalry in the Emerging Indo-Pacific Region
December 8, 2020
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January 8, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen!

The Department of Diplomacy and International Institutions our Faculty would like to invite you to a lecture by Professor Richard Ned Lebow *:

Ethics and International Relations: A Tragic Perspective

The lecture on Monday, January 18 at 17.00 on the Zoom platform.

Registration: HERE

Professor’s Bio – HERE

The lecture will be conducted by:

Anita Budziszewska (Department of Diplomacy and International Institutions)

Alicja Curanović (Department of Eastern Studies)

Please send your questions to the following addresses: diplomacy.wnpism@uw.edu.pl, or directly to: anita.budziszewska@uw.edu.pl.