Head of Didactic Unit informs
September 29, 2020
Adaptation days for first-year students
September 30, 2020

The following information refers to health insurance required during your Erasmus mobility for studies.

Students who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / EKUZ card (in Poland) valid during their Erasmus mobility in another EU Member State are entitled to receive healthcare services in medical emergencies (regardless of whether the cause of the emergency is an accident or an infectious disease). Medical careavailable to EHIC holders is subject to provisions applied in the given country. It means that despite having the EHIC, patients may be charged some of the costs, in accordance with the law of the country where they are located.

Please note! In some EU countries, patient co-payment costs apply. Such costs may be very high, for example, in case of treatment in an intensive care unit. Depending on the course of a disease (such as COVID-19) and its possible complications, treatment in an intensive care unit may be necessary. Therefore, it is recommended that for the whole duration of the Erasmus mobility students should purchase additional commer-
cial insurance, which will cover possible costs of co-payment.

If, during your mobility, you develop an illness or you are suspected of being infected you may be subject to supervision measures applied by the sanitary authorities of the given country. This may mean that your stay
abroad may have to be extended, which will entail additional costs.

If, before or during your mobility, you need a certificate confirming your Erasmus student status or a certificate confirming the grant amount, please contact IRO: erasmusbwz@uw.edu.pl and state:

1) the type of certificate you need (and why you need it)
2) the language it should be issued in (English / Polish)
3) the start and end date of your study period at the host university (if you haven’t signed the financial
agreement yet).

IRO Erasmus team will send you a scan of the requested certificate and will reply to all the enquiries you will have.