Invitation for the XXI International Student Conference Politics & Society in Central and Eastern Europe

Prof. Andrzej Szeptycki on international conference The Russo-Ukrainian War
October 17, 2022
Seminar Geopolitical Tuesdays – The role of Belarus in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine
October 18, 2022


The Institute of Political Science of the University of Wroclaw invites students and PhD candidates to submit their proposals for the XXI International Student Conference “Politics & Society in Central and Eastern Europe” which will take place on 23rd November 2022. The conference will be held as a forum of presentation of research findings by young researchers interested in current developments in Central and Eastern European politics and societies.

The theme for the upcoming conference is “Politics and Culture”.

Political scientists need to confront diverse sources in order to explore, describe and explain political reality. Broadly defined culture can be one of such sources, and an immensely important one.

Culture is expressed in a number of ways, for example by media, art, technology, policy, fashion, folklore, games, economy and many more. All of those fields of cultural expression have something in common – they are not only pure fields of human material and spiritual creativity, but, more importantly, they are carriers of discourses. Those carriers form the core of symbolical fields where interests of different social strata clash. According to Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu, cultural expressions promote certain agendas in the form of views, needs, values and/or emotions, which serve to oversee and control. Thus, for a political scientist, culture is a significant source of information about the political culture, aims and goals of various nations, groups and individuals. It is justified to state that without deep understanding of culture, we cannot fully understand people’s actions and views or we are somewhat bound by bias.

Political science explores the role of culture in numerous ways and we are proud to present our key-note speakers who will present their thoughts on some very specific cases:

dr Paweł Nowakowski from University of Wrocław in his introductory lecture: All the colors of the fading rainbow. The political facets of Polish rap music.

dr Małgorzata Madej from University of Wrocław in her introductory lecture: Popular vs. socially engaged cinema. Public moods reflected in films

If your topic of interest concerns social and political issues in association with culture, you are warmly welcome to participate and share your findings with us.

To submit an abstract, please fill in a registration form you can find at:

Important dates:

  • 18h November 2022 – call for abstracts closes
  • until 19th November 2022 – notification of acceptance
  • until 21st November 2022 – announcement of the final conference programme

Additional information:

  • no participation/attendance fee;
  • active participants will be awarded certificates confirming presentation;
  • active participants will be provided with one free hot meal during the conference;
  • we do not accept on-line participation – on-site participation only