Recruitment for a part-time 6-month scholarship under the project

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September 24, 2021
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September 30, 2021

The Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw offers a scholarship opportunity – a part-time 6-month scholarship under the German-Polish bilateral project:


State and company-level work-family reconciliation policies and maternal employment. An analysis from a capability approach perspective, led by Anna Kurowska, Ph.D., Prof. at the University of Warsaw. The Polish part of the project is funded by the National Science Center (project no.: 2016/23/G/HS4/01664). The German part is financed by DFG and the partner is the University of Tuebingen (PI – Prof. Kerstin Pull).


The candidate(s) should:

  • be MA or PhD student in economics, sociology, psychology, political science or a related field;
  • demonstrate excellent knowledge of modern statistical data analysis techniques and statistical packages (e.g. STATA, R or similar) and excellent analytical skills;
  • have experience working with large datasets;
  •       demonstrate interest in the topics related to the project, i.e. work-family reconciliation, maternal/female employment, home-based work or gendered division of labor;
  • have a general knowledge of labour market issues, family, gender inequalities, reconciliation of work and family life;
  • have a very good command of English;
  • demonstrate very good work organization, reliability, punctuality and have excellent communication skills.

Job Description:

The Fellow will be required to:

  • prepare, under the guidance of Prof. Anna Kurowska, an article to be submitted to an academic journal from the JCR or Scopus database;

Perform tasks related to the preparation of such a publication, including but not limited to:

  • reviewing the English-language literature on the assigned topic,
  • obtaining individual data for the study from relevant institutions,
  • performing analyses on the acquired individual data (incl. models estimation).

Terms of employment:

Scholarship amount: total gross PLN 10 800 for the entire duration of the fellowship. The fellowship will be paid in monthly installments. The scholarship holder will be required to work about one day a week for the project or more often, but for a shorter period. Remote work is allowed.

Scholarship financing period within the project (planned): from 1 of December 2021 to 31st of May 2022.

Persons interested in participating in the project are requested to send the required documents via email to: (deadline: 27th of October 2021)

A special three-person selection committee with the PI as chairperson will, on the basis of the submitted applications, select the best candidates (1st stage of the competition) who will be invited for an online interview (2nd stage of the competition). The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the candidate’s scientific achievements to date, his/her accomplishments resulting from conducting scientific research and competence to perform specific tasks in the research project, on a point scale in accordance with pt. 12 of NCN Regulations (link below). The winner of the competition will be the person who obtains the highest number of points. Candidates will be informed about the recruitment results via e-mail. The decision of the committee cannot be appealed.

Recruitment to the project will be based on NCN regulations: REGULAMIN PRZYZNAWANIA STYPENDIÓW NAUKOWYCH NCN W PROJEKTACH BADAWCZYCH FINANSOWANYCH ZE ŚRODKÓW NARODOWEGO CENTRUM NAUKI, being an annex to the resolution of the NCN Council No. 25/2019 of March 14, 2019.

Required documents:

  1. certificate of being a doctoral student or a  student (Master Program)
  2. statement on English language proficiency with justification;
  3. professional CV of the candidate, including, but not limited to

o detailed contact information, including e-mail address and phone no.

o previous education and employment history,

list of research achievements to date, including, in particular: scholarships, internships, study visits, awards, prizes, completed training/summer schools, participation in research projects (with a detailed description of the tasks performed), experience with data analysis, knowledge of statistical packages, scientific publications (including those accepted for publication) – if available, international cooperation, presentations at scientific conferences,

  1. Motivation letter in which the candidate explains how he/she meets the criteria outlined in the advertisement and why he/she decided to apply for this position (max 3 pages),
  2.     Master’s thesis (defended or submitted for review)  and/or one selected academic publication of which the candidate is the (co-)author;
  3. A personal data processing information clause (available at Go to: “DRUKI DO POBRANIA” and then “Dla kandydata do pracy”, there you will find a form to download: „Information on personal data processing – document docx”) .

A letter of support written by an academic staff member with whom you have worked in the past is also welcome.

Recruitment – deadlines:

Application Deadline: 27th of October

Online interviews for Phase II will be held in the first half of  November

Adjudication Deadline: 15th of November