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May 16, 2024
Geopolitical Tuesday – The consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the EU’s Eastern Partnership
May 23, 2024


On May 15-17, the Head of the Human Trafficking Research Center, Prof. Zbigniew Lasocik, was in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he participated in the International Conference under the COST Program/Association: Second Annual Conference of the GLITSS Action entitled THE UNSEEN AND FAR-REACHING CONSEQUENCES OF ILLICIT TRADE IN TIMES OF WAR AND BEYOND. The conference was held at the Faculty of Forensic Science, Criminology and Security at the University of Sarajevo. The meeting was combined with the meeting of the GLITSS Action Steering Committee and the meeting of the 4 Working Groups (WGs) established under the action.



During the Conference, Prof. Lasocik also led discussions on the Summer School on Illicit Traffic and Organized Crime, which will be held from July 8-12 in Warsaw. The School is co-organized by OBHL and WNPiSM.

Explanation of abbreviations:

COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology

GLITSS – Globalization, Illicit Trade, Sustainability and Security