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November 18, 2019
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November 19, 2019

Valuing Refugee Policy: A Cross-Country Study on the Preferences for Refugee Policy in Europe

The project aims at measuring European citizens’ preferences for various policy options in the context of the Refugee Crisis. Its overarching research question is how economic, cultural, humanitarian and terrorism related concerns intertwine in the citizens’ preferences for policies aimed at refugees. It will use an experimental design (stated choice experiment) on representative national samples of 10 European countries that will assign a monetary value (tax increase) to various policy scenarios, and will test how forced migrants’ attributes influence the preference for a given policy, and how this choice is affected by providing information about the humanitarian and terrorist issues, and about the official government policy. The results will contribute to the knowledge about how economic and cultural concerns related to immigration fare in the context of humanitarian and security-related concerns. They will also allow to understand how the Refugee Crisis can be managed maintaining political legitimacy of the domestic and international actors, without sacrificing the principles of humanitarianism.

The project has been awarded funding of 2 071 769 PLN as a result of NCN OPUS 17. It will be run in cooperation with Prof. Ulf Liebe (University of Warwick) and Prof. Peter Thisted Dinesen (University of Copenhagen).