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October 19, 2022
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October 20, 2022

From 15th to 19th November 2022 there will be a foreign study tour for students of the first-(2 nd and 3 rd year), second cycle studies who study at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies University of Warsaw. The purpose of the study tour is to do a short-term internship abroad.

To take part in the recruitment process you need to send your application to 25th October 2022 to the e-mail address:

The following criteria will determine the student’ss qualification for the study tour:

  1. submitting a correctly completed application form constituting Annex 1,
  2. cover letter (1-3 points),information from the Student Section confirmed by the average from the course of studies (1-3 points, including the average of 5.0-4.5 – 3 points, 4.49-4.0 – 2 points, below 3.99 – 1 points),
  3. a certificate confirming knowledge of the English language / or a statement about language proficiency; (1-3 points, knowledge of the language at level A – 1 point, B – 2 points, C – 3 points),
  4. information on activities in scientific circles, student organizations, etc. (max. 3), (1-3 points, 1 point for 1 participation),
  5. other scientific achievements; participation in the organization of scientific events, scientific publications (max.3), (1-3 points, 1 point for 1 achievement).

Up to 15 points can be obtained in the proceedings. The Admissions Committee shall prepare a list of participants of the study tour together with a reserve list by 31st October 2022.

The limit of seats is 14 students. The costs of student participation in a study tour financed from the Project’s resources include: flight by plane on the Warsaw – Madrid – Warsaw and accommodation in a dormitory in double-triple rooms. Students cover the costs of insurance, meals, entrance fees, tour guide and own expenses with their own means. If necessary, participants will also cover the costs of the necessary coronavirus tests.

Framework of the program:

Tuesday – arrival and accommodation;
Wednesday – activities at the university
Thursday – meeting at embassy, visit in parliament
Friday – guided tour
Saturday – free time, departure for Warsaw

More information in regulations document which can be found there: REGULATIONS study_tour_Madrid_ENG.

Application form: application_form.