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November 21, 2019
Representation of WNPiSM students during an international day at Kyungbook National University in Korea
November 25, 2019


International documentary festival HumanDOC 2019

The three-day 10th edition of the MFFD #HumanDOC was concluded with a gala and awards on 24th November 2019. The Department of Political Sciences and International Studies (former Institute of International Relations WNPiSM) is the Programme Partner of the Festival #HumanDOC for the ninth time. This cooperation was started and is continued thanks to the trust in the meaning of the widely understood education and popularisation of science, with appreciation of the role of a documentary as an effective tool in reaching wider audience. WNPiSM and its representatives are aware that facing challenges of the modern world, matters such as social development, migration, human rights, widely understood international security – requires understanding and cooperation, not only on the international and institution level, but also on local and interpersonal level. The works presented during the #HumanDOC festival show global issues in local context which allows the viewer to understand and analyse the problems of modern world.

This year’s edition of the Festival #HumanDOC was filled with documents made not only by Polish artists, but also artists from all over the world. WNPiSM founded a special prize later awarded to a film “Na rozkaz prezydenta” directed by Olivera Sabrila. Dr. Dorota Heidrich, to justify the decision to award this film, stressed the multi-layer format of the history told in the documentary and thanked its creators for raising awareness of the viewers with regard to problems and challenges related to illegal drug trade. The Grand Prix award for the best foreign film, which was founded by the Polska Pomoc programme (MSZ RP), was awarded to the director of “Kifaru” – David Hambridge. The Grand Prix award for the best Polish film was awarded to the “In touch” directed by Paweł Ziemilski.

On the first day of the Festival, dr. Justyna Nakononieczna-Bartosiewicz presented an introduction to the film titled “Klątwa obfitości” and also conducted the meeting with the director, Ewa Ewart. Dr. Dorota Heidrich, on the second day of the Festival, was in charge of the meeting with the director of “Kibera: historia slumsów” – Martin Pav.

The main organizer of the Festival is the HumanDOC foundation and the event itself was co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Polska Pomoc programme), Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, and the Polish Film Institute. The partners of the Festival, apart from the WNPiSM, are: the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Region of Wallonia and Bruxelles, the WWF foundation, Wrocław ZOO, vod.pl. Vod.pl provides the opportunity to see some of the works, free of charge, by the end of this calendar year.

Pictures by Mariusz Michalik.