Representation of WNPiSM students during an international day at Kyungbook National University in Korea

International documentary festival HumanDOC 2019
November 25, 2019
Delegation from Liaocheng University – China
November 29, 2019


On November 22nd, 2019, an international day for exchange students and Korean students going on exchange programme was held at Kyungbook National University in Korea. Zofia Chromicka, Karolina Borysiak, Paulina Gontarczyk and Joanna Cendrowska, students of the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies University of Warsaw promote the bilateral programme with our University by introducing the didactic offer of our Faculty and everyday life in Warsaw.

Our University is very popular among Korean students and it is one of the most popular destinations. We are very pleased with this fact and we hope that they will spend the next semester expanding their knowledge in the heart of Europe. See you in February! ”- Students of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies