Secure Automated Unified Framework for Exchange (SAUFEX) research project implementation

Cooperation with Sri Lankan universities
December 1, 2023
Education under occupation: when does teaching become collaborationism? – Seminar
December 7, 2023


The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, as part of an international consortium, will implement the Secure Automated Unified Framework for Exchange (SAUFEX) research project funded by Horizon Europe. It is dedicated to detecting, analyzing and countering foreign interference and information manipulation.

The grant will be implemented as part of the EU’s Horizon Europe Program for the Defense of Democracy. Work will begin on February 1, 2024, and will last three years. The funding for the project is €3 million. At the Faculty, under the direction of Dr. hab. prof. ucz. Robert Kupiecki, the work will be coordinated within two research groups (work packages).

The international consortium executing the project, led by Lukasiewicz – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development, is composed of academic, technological and analytical organizations from Finland, Lithuania, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Poland: the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as international:, an independent Lithuanian technology think tank; DROG, a Netherlands-based organization that focuses on combating disinformation, promoting media literacy and fostering a more informed and engaged global society; and Faktabaari, a Finnish non-profit organization that promotes fact-checking and media literacy.