Lecture Restorative Justice – Political and Security Aspects

Antoni Rajkiewicz
prof. Antoni Rajkiewicz died
July 26, 2021
Summer School in Prague
August 24, 2021


Dear Students,

We invite you to participate in a unique class entitled Restorative Justice – Political and Security Aspects, which will be taught by one of the most outstanding representative of modern criminology, criminal policy and security studies Professor John Winterdyk from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada.

Prof. Winterdyk cooperates with the best and influential academic centers in the world, he is an author of many exceptional scientific papers and books, and co-editor of the prestigious Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. During the course you will learn about the theoretical foundations of restorative justice, as well as the key elements of this particular approach, and the role of this strategy in the justice system. Prof. Winterdyk will present and evaluate the best and well-known restorative justice programs and initiatives implemented in such countries as Canada or New Zealand, but also in EU Member States including Poland.

In modern criminology as well as in criminal justice practice around the globe it is visible that restorative justice philosophy of punishment plays more and more important role as an alternative to a conventional system of penalties and punitive measures. It is so much needed to be aware of that and to understand this process. We try to help you offering class of an exceptional expert and researcher of this issue and an experienced lecturer with recognized scientific achievements in the world. It is therefore a unique opportunity to get the most important information “first-hand”.

Teaching hours: 30 hours
Language: English
Pass/credits: Written exam/test

Lecture as part of the ZIP – Integrated Development Program of the University of Warsaw

We encourage you to join the class,
Human Trafficking Studies Center,
Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw

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