The 6th Sichuan University-University of Warsaw Roundtable on International Relations Studies
July 8, 2021
Lecture Restorative Justice – Political and Security Aspects
July 28, 2021
Antoni Rajkiewicz


On July 24 2021, prof. Antoni Rajkiewicz died at the age of 99. He was a scholar, academic teacher, and a member of the community of the University of Warsaw in the years 1969-2012. A great part of his professional biography is associated with the University of Warsaw, the Social Policy Department established in 1969 at the Institute of Political Sciences, and then transformed in 1977 into the Institute of Social Policy as part of the newly established Faculty of Journalism and Political Science.

The Institute of Social Policy, organized by Professor Antoni Rajkiewicz (he was also its first director in 1977-1982), was the first academic research and development institution of the political science profile of social policy studies in post-war Poland. The Institute developed methods and programs for teaching social policy for students, preparing a professional team of research and teaching staff developing the science of social policy at the University of Warsaw, and educating students in this area.