Students from Aarhus at our Faculty
October 26, 2022
Lecture by prof. Sudheendra Kulkarni – Security and Sustainable Development for All: learning from great minds from Europe and Asia
October 26, 2022


On October 21-23, 2022, a study visit of the students of the International Indonesian Students Mobility Award (IISMA) scholarship program from Indonesia to Gdańsk took place. The guests of our Faculty had the opportunity to learn about Gdańsk, polish history and the beauty of architecture.

During the two-day trip, the group visited important places and museums in the Tri-City. The most important elements of the trip were visits to the Museum of the Second World War and the European Solidarity Center. Thanks to this, students from Indonesia had the opportunity to learn about an important part of Polish history and see what the PRL period meant for our country.

Additional attractions were, among others. visit in Sopot and a Molo (pier), a guided tour of Gdańsk’s old town and taste of traditional polish cousine.

The International Indonesian Students Mobility Award (IISMA) is a special scholarship from the Government of Indonesia awarded to the best students in the country. The current group came to us as part of the second edition of the scholarship. Our guests have regular classes conducted by WNPISM lecturers and the Polonicum Center of the University of Warsaw.