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December 9, 2022
Ukrainian Day on WNPiSM UW
December 16, 2022


Around Iran
Iran is trembling. It is trembling with women who want change, young people who want freedom. Following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, a woman arrested by the Islamic ‘morality police’ for disobeying the Shariah dress code, which dictates that women cover their hair and wear long, loose clothing in the country, thousands took to the streets. Women publicly burned headscarves and cut their hair.
It is not possible to estimate at this point how many people have been arrested since September. Is what is happening in Iran a momentary upsurge or a chance for historical change. How to talk about Iran? How to understand Iran?
➡  Młodzi o polityce invites you to the discussion “Around Iran”.
The panellists will be Paulina Warsza, a PhD student working on the region National and cultural identification in the Middle East as a factor in international relations, and Mahnous Moossavi, an Iranian-born student at the WNPiSM.
📅 The event will take place on Wednesday, 21.12 at 17:00 in room 303 of the Auditorium Building
❗Please note – the event is in English❗