Global Town Hall powraca!
9 listopada, 2021
Spotkanie pt. “Wokół książki Pawła Kozłowskiego, Rozmowy z Andrzejem Walickim (Warszawa 2021)”
10 listopada, 2021

Cosmos: Between West and East

The conference is part of the traditions of multi-area scientific initiatives organized by the Space Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences Gdansk Branch and the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster (BSSC) with the participation of external partners.

The host and co-organizer of the conference is the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw, which implies the legitimacy of linking the topics of the speeches in each of the three thematic panels with the broadly understood political and international context.

We propose a debate on the political, geopolitical, legal, and technological aspects of international cooperation and competition in outer space.

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